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Revolutionizing the e-Marketplace With Online Price Negotiation Tool.  
About Us


Negotiate…   anytime, anywhere, Online & Mobile

The world leader in Online Price & Terms Negotiation.

After using numerous  Classified websites and B to B trading portal of different countries, wasting precious  resources and  time of our lives we got frustrated with E- Classified websites and indulged in many brain storming sessions that
how to help millions of classified-websites users like ourselves as well as Classified- Website owners.

Ultimately we pioneered,

“Patent and Trade Mark Pending”

World’s first Revolutionary Web-Tool, which is

useful, intuitive, unique yet simple and changing the eMarket-Place worldwide.


Our innovative team consists of:

* Ex. Attorney: M.A. LL.B.

with long experience in the fields of Information-Technology , Real -Estate negotiations, Business Negotiations and Auto and general Insurance.

* I.T. Professionals:

M.S. & B.S. degrees in Computer Science & Programming-Courses from N.Y.U. New York and other prestigious universities, with many years of combined experience working  in Fortune 500 companies.

* Business Consultant:

M.B.A. (Business & Finance)
with diversified experience.

* Ex-Lecturer:

M.A. English

with long  international experience.

Focus Groups:

Our focus groups consist of;

internet users from 20 countries,

highly educated to school dropouts and all age groups.

After nearly two years of development, testing and  feedback, public beta was launched.

We welcome all comments, suggestions, contributions and indeed all feedback from users and webmasters in an honest endeavor of making it “The best tool in the e market place”.


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